Commercial Window Cleaners in Northamptonshire

Take pride in the appearance of your business property with our commercial window cleaning team

commercial office building cleaned windows

How can we help you?

Squeegee Clean Windows are the leading commercial window cleaning company in East Northamptonshire. All staff are fully trained, insured and professional.

  • Using the latest pure water ‘Reach and Wash’ systems, we offer high quality window cleaning to a wide range of commercial properties including: Apartment blocks, Offices , Retail premises, Residential care homes, Schools, Hotels, Car shows rooms.
  • All heights reached with specialist equipment.
  • Cladding and sign cleaning.
  • Flexible cleaning schedule to suit your company’s needs.

Why choose us for your business?

The pure water used in the cleaning process literally lifts the dirt and grime off the glass, and is safe to use on adjacent surfaces, which could be damaged if detergents or other chemicals were to be used. We have a team of uniformed, fully trained window cleaners to look after your needs using the very latest window cleaning technology.

Ground operated ‘Reach and Wash’ systems are the safest way of cleaning at height, and when used with water filtration technology, deliver the highest quality cleaning service.

Our ‘Reach and Wash’ system can be used for heights up to 60 feet (approx. 4 storey’s). With the range of brushes available, we are able to clean window frames at the same time as the glass, and the system can also be utilised for the cleaning of cladding, building trims and fabrications.

Health and Safety
A full method statement and Risk Assessment is carried out prior to work starting on any new commercial contract. The objective of this is to enable Squeegee Clean Windows to carry out the work specified in a safe, professional and efficient manner. Our Comprehensive Liability insurance cover is available on request.